Award Winning Bartender

Atila Iskif

“Discover the world of exquisite cocktails and captivating bartending performances with Atilla, a champion bartender. Elevate your Las Vegas experience with unparalleled mixology and entertainment expertise. inquiry 

Atilla Iskif – Atilabarman

In the realm of bartending, few possess the ability to ignite excitement, awe, and inspiration quite like the four-time champion mixologist/bartender Atilla Iskifoglu. This globally acclaimed bartender boasts an impressive résumé, securing victories in competitions around the world, including the prestigious Las Vegas World’s Greatest Bartenders competition. Atilla gained recognition on the BBC 6 O’clock News in London while representing the UK at the World Championships in Cuba.

In 2009, he played a pivotal role in bringing flair bartending to the mainstream, captivating audiences, judges, and viewers at home with a remarkable performance on Britain’s Got Talent. 




Our Services

Atilla Bartending Shows

Elevate your event with the star power of champion celebrity bartender Atilla. For 1-4 hours, he crafts cocktails and delivers an award-winning show. Whether behind the bar or on stage, experience mini-shows throughout, building up to a 15-minute main spectacle as seen on Britain’s Got Talent. Marvel at classy bar tool juggling, a mesmerizing liquid nitrogen display, a fiery performance, and a showcase of balance and bar magic—all choreographed to selected music. Atilla’s show promises to captivate your audience with breathtaking and unbelievable tricks that redefine the art of bartending.

Mixology and Cocktails

Embark on a flavor journey with award-winning mixologist Atilla, who can craft up to 100 cocktails at any event. These modern, unique, and amazing concoctions are unlike anything found in typical bars. Atilla’s signature touch ensures special tastes that stand out, featuring cocktails that have clinched victories in competitions. Elevate your event with this exclusive mixology experience, promising a delightful fusion of innovation and expertise that guarantees to leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Bartender Hire

Deliver a premium bartending experience with our seasoned professionals, boasting a minimum of 6 years of expertise. Our specially selected bartenders are chosen for their skill and dedication to excellence. No matter the scale or location of your event, we can deploy up to 15 experienced bartenders globally. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, trust us to elevate every pour and create memorable experiences for your guests. With a commitment to unparalleled service, we ensure that each event is infused with sophistication and exceptional bartending proficiency.

Cocktail Master Class

Elevate team motivation events with our engaging cocktail masterclasses, tailored for companies seeking a unique approach to inspire and bond teams. Alternatively, indulge your curiosity and enhance your skills with our cocktail and bartending classes, open to anyone interested in the artistry of mixology. Whether fostering teamwork or nurturing individual passion, our classes offer a dynamic and hands-on experience, ensuring participants gain valuable insights and, of course, the mastery of crafting exceptional cocktails. Unleash creativity and camaraderie through the world of mixology with our versatile and enriching classes.

Guest Bartender

Transform your events into unforgettable experiences with our guest celebrity bartenders, available for special celebrations, product launches, bar/restaurant/hotel openings, and global special events. Each bartender in our guest category boasts a minimum of 700k followers on social media, guaranteeing a vast and engaged audience. With viral videos and a substantial online presence, these influencers will create captivating content at your venue, drawing their followers to your event. Elevate your occasion with the allure of celebrity bartenders, ensuring a memorable and widely shared experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional hospitality.

Bar Staff Training

Raise the bar with our master bartender training program, where expert trainers impart crucial skills in cocktails, mixology, speedy service, captivating bar shows, and effective sales techniques. Your bartenders will elevate their craft, enhance the guest experience, and contribute to increased sales. By investing in this comprehensive training, you’re ensuring your establishment reaches the pinnacle of hospitality standards. Let our seasoned master bartenders guide your team to success, setting a new standard in service excellence and delivering an unparalleled experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Social Collaboration 

Transform your business’s online presence with our film crew’s visit to your bar, restaurant, or hotel. We’ll expertly capture your menu items, from cocktails to food, producing high-quality videos with your brand prominently featured. Receive these ready-to-post videos for your social media accounts and watch as we showcase them on our nearly 1 million followers account, driving traffic to your business and social profiles. Amplify your visibility, engage your audience, and boost your brand with captivating visual content that leaves a lasting impression.

Bar Partnership 

Planning to open a bar? Join forces with us for long-term success. Whether it’s a new venture or an existing one, let’s collaborate to elevate every aspect of your business. Our commitment is to make your bar outstanding and prosperous. Reach out if you want a dedicated and experienced partner to help your bar shine in the competitive world of hospitality. Together, we’ll create a unique story for your business, ensuring it stands out and excels, setting the stage for lasting success in the dynamic bar industry.